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  • Holland Men Camp

    For every man to enjoy life now

    Full service for your own tent / caravan / camper
    Rent a Tent: carefree luxury camping
    Living Wagon / Apartment: elegance and comfortable luxury
    gay man
  • Holland Men Camp
    To feel the sun on your skin
    To feel the grass under your feet
    To hear the bird singing
    To see the smile on his face
    Your time to enjoy life
    love to camp

Holland Men Camp, Welcome from April 14 2022

HollandMenCamp now closed, open from April 14. 2022

We hope you and and the people around you stay in good health and we would like to welcome you.

What is gay camping HollandMenCamp

HollandMenCamp is man-only full service campsite in Loosdrecht, about 25 km south of Amsterdam.
The experienced camper will notice that all facilities are there: electricity, water and wifi, at no extra costs.
Less experience with camping: experience how carefree camping can be. A tent and everything you need is available.
Would you like more luxury: you can choose for one of the living wagons or the apartment. You can be naked or ware pants, just as you like.
For a nice moment and contact with other guests you can join the coffeebreak in the morning at about 10 o'clock and/or in the evening at about half past 7. Coffee/tee are free from Peter and Wim, guest are asked clean the cups.
You can really feel free to enjoy yourself.

Included facilities for everyone

  • warm shower, detergents, toiletpaper, 1 free wash per week
  • coffeemachine, watercooker, fridge, pans, cutlery, stove, barbeque, microwave
  • PC, bicycle for supermarket, several games, parking at own property
  • gardenchairs, table, sunbed, parasol, water taps
  • electricity for everyone, extension cord, wifi
  • Everything you further might need, we arrange for you

Tent, Caravan, Camper-van: Included services

Week themes

Themes are to encourage a friendly cosy atmosphere and easy mutual contact.
The orangery is decorated accordingly and sometimes there are optional activities.
See also below on this page.

Free bicycles to go to the supermarkets.
Rental bicycles to make a nice tour in the surrounding area.

Complete kitchen
Every you need to cook: fridge, microwave, dishes, cutlery, pans, etc.
On the outside is a second complete kitchen to use.

Coffee/tea break

Welcome at the coffee/tea break at about 10.15.
Welcome in the evening, coffee/tea is ready for you


For everyone to use: a professional barbeque with racks.

Chairs, tables, parasols

For everyone: take a chair or a sunbed and make yourself comfortable.

Fire basket

For the cosy and romantic summer evenings

Cooking together

If you like, why not cook for other guests? Sure they will love it.
Big pans, a big stove, big bowls are available.
Peter&Wim can refund the buying receipt and pass it on evenly on the invoice of the guests who joined the meal.

Warm showers

Enjoy a warm shower.
There are 2 showers, each with it's own sink.
The floor is heated, so you are very comfortable.


For every week stay, one free wash
Extra washes costs E 8


Enjoy a walk through the plantation

Games and sport

Have even more fun with the games and sports you can do.
Badminton, jeux de boule (petangue), volleybal, gay-monopoly, etc.

Our Facilities

Clothing optional

Wear the clothes you like or have a stripeless tan. There is no pressure either way.

You can do what you like and enjoy the view of the beautiful men around you.

clothing optional


There is Wifi all over the place.

70 Mb to share.

If you want you can use a PC in the Orangerie. wifi all around the place


There are many parking places, safe, nearby and free.

plenty parking places


In this book you will find even more then on this internetsite.

All Adventures with adresses, telephonenumbers and brochures. Beaches with description of men zones

Many maps of the region, shopping and restaurants, history of the plantation and the region, etc.

There is Wifi all over the campground and there is a PC to look up what ever you need to know.

Read More book with specials

Summer storage

During the season it is possible to leave behind your caravan.

It can stay save and dry in our glashouse with concrete floor.

dressing table


230V, 3 x 16A (3600W) to share

There are 5 connection boxes on the field to connect to. Standard with Euro connector, but we have conversion cables.

Please take your extensioncord. If you need more or you forgot it, you can lend cables

Power consuming electric heating, cooling and cooking is discouraged.


Hygenic comfort

Soaps, toiletpaper, detergent included


Dishes and cutlery included

No fuss, no worry, everything you need to cook and have meal is available.

dishes and cutlery

Public transport

You can easily get at Holland Men Camp by public transport.

Trains from Amsterdam airport (Schiphol), from Amsterdam, from Utrecht, from Germany, from Groningen stop at Hilversum Central Station.

From Hilversum Central Station every half hour bus 104 goes to Holland Men Camp.

From Utrecht Overvecht Station every hour bus 122 goes to Holland Men Camp.

good public transport Read More
rent a tent

Perfect for singles

About 1/3 of the guests is single

For singles it is fun here, because guests make contact easily.
Every morning we have "coffee break". We go around to see everyone, ask if you slept well and ask, very optional, if you like to have a coffee.
Then many guests are at the beer table for a coffee and meet each other very easily.
It is easy to go out for tours or visits with other guests, but you can also go out on your own. There is al lot to see and to do in the region.
Also in the evening many guests sit at the beer table, thats more fun.
On Saterdays guest can do "cooking together", for who likes to join.
Many singles come here and the come back as well, because here you can have a carefree and nice vacation.

Rent a Tent

Big Dome Tent

You get a good big dome tent for 1 or 4 man with 1 or 2 sleepingcabins, cupboard, awningcarpet, chairs, table, electricity and a lamp

cooking utensils
airbed, blankets, towels

You can choose to get as well:
airbed (double)
sheets and blankets or quilt
towel set


Included as standard: everything you need to cook, coffee, tee, cutlery, dishes and mugs in the Orangerie

Living Wagons Isadora and the Chapel

Living Wagon Isadora

The Isadora is outside in classic Wagon Lits style.
The inside is tropical, with luxury wainscoting, rattan and tropical birds.
At the veranda there is a dinette and a countertop with stove and fridge.
Inside there are seats, cupboards and a good quality bed.
Also a shelter with garden furniture and sunbeds.
For the very comfortably camping.

Living Wagon the Chapel

The Chapel is devoted to st Nicolas.
The inside is red and gold, with classic furniture.
Inside there are seats, cupboard, fridge and a good quality bed.
Also a shelter with garden furniture and sunbeds.
For very comfortably camping.

The Apartment

View from outside

Great view from the outside

Cosy dinette

Fully equiped kitchen


Living, great view and TV with all English channels.

Princess bedroom

Royal Princess style, with a pea under the matrass

Victorian bathroom

With shower, toilet and sink

Great view

The camping is nearby

Weekend activities in 2021

Like to have fun together? When you like it, you can always join.
Do you have a nice idea, please let us know!

Free to join,
no obligations

  • It's big fun together, but you can just as well do your own thing.
  • If you have a good idea, please tell!
  • Cooking together you can do all days, all pans and bowls are there and the costs can be shared
  • In this planning small changes can occur

* Busy weekends

  • In July and August
  • Ascencion and Pentecost
  • Reservations
  • minimum 5 nights
  • or last minute

22/25 April Scrub weekend

    Peter and Wim flutter around with spraycan and mop, to give all a good cleanup.
    The toilettes and showers will the festive center of attention.

Poets weekend

1/2 Mai: Puppy weekend

    These are the quiet weeks, butttt from Mai 1st and 2nd group of young men will play the puppy style and determine the atmosphere.
    The orangery will become a dog kennel with everything a puppy needs.
    Activities will also be organised for the pups on Field 1 and in the Orangery.
    The boys who are puppy play and communicatie als puppy, but as soon as they take of their mask (hat), they are boys with whom you can have a nice chat.
    Fun to join? That's possible. It will be a nice doghouse.
    Organised by Bark&Play

Bark and Play

8/9 mei: Grocery store: 't Schuurke + Single indulge

    You won't be short of vitamines.
    The greengrocers Peter and Wim take care of a surprising and healty supply of fresh fruits and vegetables.
    So that you can well detoxify and will become fresh and fruity again.

    Singles indulge weekend, everything is optional:
    Saturday morning optional coffee together and talking about what to do (together) this day, inspiration for activities
    optional cooking together, optional coffee/thee in the evening, fire basket
    Sunday: optional coffee in the morning, maybe do activities together.
    We have an open friendly atmosphere and people make contact very easy.
    Couples can of course also join.

't Schuurke

13/16 May Ascension: Underwear weekend *

    21e Ascensionday in the morning: For everyone who want's, a free breakfast from HollandMenCamp

    Feel yourself free to wear the funniest of sexiest underwear.
    Your most silly pyjama will also be fine.
    There will be a complete washing line with interesting knickers.


16/17 May: Pentecost and Songfestival *

    Now from Ahoy Rotterdam! Enjoy the atmosphere. Watching together is fun.
    Glitters everywhere, stoles and microphone are available.
    and then please your opinion on these songs and acts.


29/30 May: Back to the 70's

    We go back in time.
    Oldtimers steal the show: cars, caravans and men with a nice history are extra welcome.
    The Orangery will become a completely retro. Super modern or revival, what is it for you?

Classic car

5/6 June Blondes have more fun

    Always wanted to be blond?
    Now you can take your chance!
    We like to help you to be as beautifull as never before.


12/13 June: Holland Evening

    You can enjoy a real Dutch evening.
    There will be Dutch sing a long and karaoke music. We have many varieties of drop/licorice.

Dutch evening

19/20 juni: New half year's eve

    We're now halfway in the year, and this we can celebrate.
    Wiht oliebollen (dumplings), a hussar salad and champagne.
    Saterday evening at 22.00 hour we usher the new half of the year.


26/27 June: YMCA

    A youth hostel full with beautifull men.
    Are you policeman, constructionworker or Indian?
    Or are you soldier, seeman, or car mechanic!
    We love to see you're tough alter ego.

    Singles indulge weekend, everything is optional:
    Saturday morning optional coffee together and talking about what to do (together) this day, inspiration for activities
    optional cooking together, optional coffee/thee in the evening, fire basket
    Sunday: optional coffee in the morning, maybe do activities together.
    We have an open friendly atmosphere and people make contact very easy.
    Couples can of course also join.

Crystal Palace

3/4 juli: Moulin rouge *

    The red lights are turned on and you find yourself in a nightclub.
    Ooops, that is getting exciting.

Maison PB

10/11 Juli: Health farm HollandMenCamp

    Doctor Peter and nurse Wim take care that you will fully recover.

    The motto is keep calm, clean and stay steady, so just lay down.
    Enjoy the healing treatments in the clean air or in the mineral bath.
    With many awards crowned Quack salve from Doctor Peter activates the "beauty gen" of the skin. The extract from the snow algae in Quack salve makes you younger renews the skin.
    Claymask, wonderful for the skin: it purifies the pores and absorbs all the dirt.
    Body wrap, for eg: Dead See salt wrap, hot chocolate wrap, clay wrap, mud wrap, algae wrap and honey wrap.
    Cleansing and detoxing with unique tea extracts.

Beauty salon HollandMenCamp

17/18 July, Mardi Gras Carnaval *

    We will make a nice carnaval party, now that it's possible again.
    Conga line over the field in your weardest outfit.
    With nice funny music and sing along.
    Nice suitable clothing you'll also find at www.meineszenbennesz.nl

Gasten aan zet

24/25 juli: Leathermaster & gummy boys *

    The Leathermaster helps everyone to make a exciting leather or rubber piece of clothing.
    You can show to other men how good you look in leather or rubber.

Leder und Gummy

31 July 1 August: Pride camp Amsterdam *

    HollandMenCamp is Amsterdam Pride Camp.
    The best starting point to easily go to beautiful Amsterdam.
    You get into the right mood and when you come back you can reminisce on what you saw in Amsterdam.

Canal pride Amsterdam

7/8 August: Surprise weekend *

    There are still many options for this weekend.
    May be we get a nice idea from the guests?


14/15 August: Station HMC *

    The train stops for you as well and takes your snack and drink for nice evenings with the other men.

Concours Skippique

21/22 August: The great HMC bake off

    What can you bake?
    Have a lot of fun baking together and then enjoy the results
    We take care of cookware and kitchenware.

Great HMC bake off

28/29 August: Chocolateli

    Now you can fully enjoy chocolate. Chocolate in all shapes, solid and liquid, cold and hot, sweet and bitter.

    Singles indulge weekend, everything is optional:
    Saturday morning optional coffee together and talking about what to do (together) this day, inspiration for activities
    optional cooking together, optional coffee/thee in the evening, fire basket
    Sunday: optional coffee in the morning, maybe do activities together.
    We have an open friendly atmosphere and people make contact very easy.
    Couples can of course also join.

Pasen 2020

4/5 September: Oktober Fest! with Deutsche grill

    Oktober Fest at the campsite in Holland, if allowed.
    Super nice atmosphere with music and good food
    The best schlagers, sing along and karaoke if you like.
    Do you have lederhosen or dirndel? please wear them! super fun.

Peter en Wim


Please call us, we speak english 0031-35-5820540
Or send an email. Ask for more info, reservation, tell about your plans , check details, etc.
We try to reply within 12 hours, 7 days a week.

No Fuss Garantee

  • Small thing missing?
  • Something broken?
  • Other problems?

Small things like safety pin, band aid, tent peg, salt or pepper, air bed repair kit, hammer, maps, matches, etc, etc,
can be borrowed (within reason and fair use). No problem.

Something torn, broken, etc.
We help you fixing it (within the reasonable and fair use).

In case you need a doctor, medicine, specific materials of services?
We help you find the way.
In case of real emergency, we will work hard to help you.

And how it works

Do's and Dont's at Holland Men Camp


    For your enjoyment and others

  • Please enjoy yourself.
  • Please be nice to other guests.
  • Get into contact with the other campers. Especially campers on their own, might appreciate your attention.
  • HollandMenCamp is only accessible for men of 18 years or older.
  • Place available from 13.00 h, clear the place until 13.00 h. Car not on the field, only with permission.
  • Between 23.00h and 08.00h please be quiet.
  • Please keep the campground and the courtyard tidy and use facilities with care.
  • If you use an awning carpet, please use a breathable one.
  • Waste can be sorted out at the recycling station.
  • The naturist option is on the campground only. Outside the campground be dressed.
  • Showers are meant for cleaning yourself quickly. They can be used from 06.00h until 23.00h.
  • Visitors are welcome and pay the Man Rate. You have to report visitors. Not reported, though at the field costs €100
  • Dogs are allowed, bitey dogs not. Dogs at a leash and they may not disturb the other guests.
  • photographing or filming other guests is only allowed with explicit permission.
  • In case you have questions, problems, wishes you can ask Peter or Wim. Please respect their privacy.


    For your enjoyment and others

  • Never disturb the employees in any indecent way.
  • All openly visible sexual acts are forbidden. No warning, leave camping directly.
  • Drugs of any kind are strongly forbidden. No warning, leave camping directly.
  • The sewer pipe is 300 m long to the street. Never abuse it for non degradable materials.
  • Not reported, though at the field: €100

No experience

At Holland Men Camp the unexperienced camper can get extra attention.
If you like to, Peter or Wim can give a comprehensive tour over the campground and it's facilities. They can help with putting up the tent and other difficult start up things. They can tell you about the do's and don'ts on the campground.
In this friendly and relaxed way you get to know the advantages of camping.